August 6, 2018 Fix some issue #18 Fix crash when users serach last 3 days log bug tracker Thread 1 "gnome-logs" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x00007ffff595f5b4 in g_date_time_to_unix () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (gdb) bt #0 0x00007ffff595f5b4 in g_date_time_to_unix () at /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ #1 0x000055555555ea7c in query_set_day_timestamps (query=0x555556772ce0, start_day_offset=<optimized 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/08/12 12:27:36
July 29, 2018 Dispaly the new row entry !!! During GUADEC, my mentors told me that I needed to complete the project before ui freeze. It took only two weeks to calculate the time. So I dare not stay too much. I immediately set off to return to China and continue my project. After I returned to China, I started my daily work. We discussed during GUADEC. Starting from 7.13, there will be a shorter meeting at 9:00 pm Beijing time. I need to report to t 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/08/10 20:03:04
Really Get Correct log entries from journal! && GUADEC July, 10, 2018 The most memorable thing about this period is to participate in GUADEC–2018. Since there will be a blog dedicated to what you have seen and heard during GUADEC, I won’t go into details here. Entering the theme, it is obvious that after meeting with my two mentors, some of my problems have been solved. About reading new log messages and how to set up a correct cursor system 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/08/08 17:48:25
For the past two weeks, according to my previous plan, I made progress in the gl-journal-model.c file. In this place, I set up a function that receives the signal and a function that processes the signal. It looks interesting. In this way, we can see the data and signals sent from gl-journal.c, which can already be received by me. Static void on_new_entry_added (GlJournal *journal, GlJournalEntry *entry, gpointe 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/08/06 20:29:05
Passed the First Evaluations I was very fortunate that I passed the First Evaluations and I got the first internship salary in my life. I am very grateful to my two mentor. They have given me a lot of help and patiently guided my questions. This week’s progress: Two cursor pointers are set in gl-journal.c to record the read pointer to ensure that the latest log information is obtained. But there are some obvious problems. The cursor settings seem to 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/07/25 14:49:27
A new start Because I have been looking for shortcuts to deal with the problem, I have delayed a lot of time, but it is a bit of a harvest. Recently, I talked with my tutors about many solutions to my project. This time we adopted a conservative strategy. First try to get the data of the new log message in the journal, and then add them to the model. Yes, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult problem. Let’s get started. First gl-journal.c is to process 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/07/23 17:43:44
GUADEC2018 I remembered the day when I leave from Xi’an, the rain was very heavy. I remembered that every time I went out to the door this year, I started on a rainy day, but the rain of that day was even bigger. The night before, I couldn’t sleep at night, thinking about the tide. In the morning, my family sent me to the train station to Zhengzhou, and I went to a foreign country alonely. I chose Emirates. The service was pretty good. I took off from 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/07/21 22:21:11
In the past two weeks, I found that when I switched the category, I found that the log messages were automatically organized and displayed perfectly in the model. I was very happy about this, so I was wondering why I didn’t use this implementation method to achieve my thoughts. So I went to the bottom of this function to call some functions and then added to APPEND of gl-journal.c (the place where the new message can be detected). static gboolean on 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/07/21 18:06:03
It’s time to show my code. a word , talk is cheap, show me your code . Happily I have to start writing code, I am looking forward to it, facing my project, GNOME-LOGS. This is a cool program. Logs currently does not update the view when new log messages are added to the journal. Fixing this should also make it easier to fix several other bugs, such as showing notifications when certain other messages appear in the journal, as well as improving search 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/07/21 17:47:10
During the community binding period. I got an exciting news, that is, as an intern, we can go to GUADEC. The GUADEC, the GNOME Users And Developers European Conference, is an annual conference taking place in Europe, whose prime topic is the development of the GNOME desktop environment and its underlying base software, such as GTK+, GStreamer, etc. This is the news that my mentor told me, Jonathan Kang, This year will be held at the Unive 继续阅读 >>

刘嘉辉 18/07/21 16:53:56