One cow from each of N farms (1 ≤ N ≤ 1000) conveniently numbered 1..N is going to attend the big cow party to be held at farm #X (1 ≤ X ≤ N). A total of M (1 ≤ M ≤ 100,000) unidirectional (one-way roa 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/20 19:49:19 原文链接 阅读:344 继续阅读 >>

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Background Hugo Heavy is happy. After the breakdown of the Cargolifter project he can now expand business. But he needs a clever man who tells him whether there really is a way from the place his cus 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/19 21:40:07 原文链接 阅读:175 继续阅读 >>

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Bessie is out in the field and wants to get back to the barn to get as much sleep as possible before Farmer John wakes her for the morning milking. Bessie needs her beauty sleep, so she wants to get ba 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/19 21:36:18 原文链接 阅读:177 继续阅读 >>

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Problem Description Given a connected undirected graph, tell if its minimum spanning tree is unique.Definition 1 (Spanning Tree): Consider a connected, undirected graph G = (V, E). A spanning tree of 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/18 20:09:09 原文链接 阅读:210 继续阅读 >>

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Description Farmer John has been elected mayor of his town! One of his campaign promises was to bring internet connectivity to all farms in the area. He needs your help, of course. Farmer John order 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/18 20:04:37 原文链接 阅读:155 继续阅读 >>

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The island nation of Flatopia is perfectly flat. Unfortunately, Flatopia has a very poor system of public highways. The Flatopian government is aware of this problem and has already constructed a numbe 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/17 19:47:54 原文链接 阅读:166 继续阅读 >>

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Description The Department of National Defence (DND) wishes to connect several northern outposts by a wireless network. Two different communication technologies are to be used in establishing the netw 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/17 19:42:47 原文链接 阅读:202 继续阅读 >>

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Advanced Cargo Movement, Ltd. uses trucks of different types. Some trucks are used for vegetable delivery, other for furniture, or for bricks. The company has its own code describing each type of a tru 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/16 21:47:49 原文链接 阅读:120 继续阅读 >>

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You are assigned to design network connections between certain points in a wide area. You are given a set of points in the area, and a set of possible routes for the cables that may connect pairs of po 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/16 21:40:55 原文链接 阅读:160 继续阅读 >>

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The Head Elder of the tropical island of Lagrishan has a problem. A burst of foreign aid money was spent on extra roads between villages some years ago. But the jungle overtakes roads relentlessly, so 作者:m765885195t 发表于 2017/02/15 22:08:51 原文链接 阅读:329 继续阅读 >>

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