FatMouse has stored some cheese in a city. The city can be considered as a square grid of dimension n: each grid location is labelled (p,q) where 0 <= p < n and 0 <= q < n. At each grid location Fatmouse has hid between 0 and 100 blocks of cheese in a hole. Now he’s going to enjoy his favorite food. FatMouse begins by standing at location (0,0). He eats up the cheese where he stands and then runs either horizontally or vertically to another 继续阅读 >>

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FJ has purchased N (1 <= N <= 2000) yummy treats for the cows who get money for giving vast amounts of milk. FJ sells one treat per day and wants to maximize the money he receives over a given period time. The treats are interesting for many reasons: The treats are numbered 1..N and stored sequentially in single file in a long box that is open at both ends. On any day, FJ can retrieve one treat from either end of his stash of treats. Like fine 继续阅读 >>

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A numeric sequence of ai is ordered if a1 < a2 < … < aN. Let the subsequence of the given numeric sequence ( a1, a2, …, aN) be any sequence ( ai1, ai2, …, aiK), where 1 <= i1 < i2 < … < iK <= N. For example, sequence (1, 7, 3, 5, 9, 4, 8) has ordered subsequences, e. g., (1, 7), (3, 4, 8) and many others. All longest ordered subsequences are of length 4, e. g., (1, 3, 5, 8). Your program, when given the numeric sequence, must find the length of its longest 继续阅读 >>

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A subsequence of a given sequence is the given sequence with some elements (possible none) left out. Given a sequence X = < x1, x2, …, xm > another sequence Z = < z1, z2, …, zk > is a subsequence of X if there exists a strictly increasing sequence < i1, i2, …, ik > of indices of X such that for all j = 1,2,…,k, x ij = zj. For example, Z = < a, b, f, c > is a subsequence of X = < a, b, c, f, b, c > with index sequence < 1, 2, 4, 6 >. Given two sequ 继续阅读 >>

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FatMouse believes that the fatter a mouse is, the faster it runs. To disprove this, you want to take the data on a collection of mice and put as large a subset of this data as possible into a sequence so that the weights are increasing, but the speeds are decreasing. Input Input contains data for a bunch of mice, one mouse per line, terminated by end of file. The data for a particular mouse will consist of a pair of integers: the first representing its size in grams and the sec 继续阅读 >>

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某国为了防御敌国的导弹袭击,发展出一种导弹拦截系统.但是这种导弹拦截系统有一个缺陷:虽然它的第一发炮弹能够到达任意的高度,但是以后每一发炮弹都不能超过前一发的高度.某天,雷达捕捉到敌国的导弹来袭.由于该系统还在试用阶段,所以只有一套系统,因此有可能不能拦截所有的导弹. 怎么办呢?多搞几套系统呗!你说说倒蛮容易,成本呢?成本是个大问题啊.所以俺就到这里来求救了,请帮助计算一下最少需要多少套拦截系统. Input 输入若干组数据.每组数据包括:导弹总个数(正整数),导弹依此飞来的高度(雷达给出的高度数据是不大于30000的正整数,用空格分隔) Output 对应每组数据输出拦截所有导弹最少要配备多少套这种导弹拦截系统. Sample Input 8 389 207 155 300 299 170 158 65 Sample Output 2 思路:此题可以抽象的描述为求递减序列(这个序列不一定连续)的个数,仿照LIS #include<iostream> #include<cstring> #include< 继续阅读 >>

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Jesus, what a great movie! Thousands of people are rushing to the cinema. However, this is really a tuff time for Joe who sells the film tickets. He is wandering when could he go back home as early as possible. A good approach, reducing the total time of tickets selling, is let adjacent people buy tickets together. As the restriction of the Ticket Seller Machine, Joe can sell a single ticket or two adjacent tickets at a time. Since you are the great JESUS, you know exactly how m 继续阅读 >>

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都说天上不会掉馅饼,但有一天gameboy正走在回家的小径上,忽然天上掉下大把大把的馅饼。说来gameboy的人品实在是太好了,这馅饼别处都不掉,就掉落在他身旁的10米范围内。馅饼如果掉在了地上当然就不能吃了,所以gameboy马上卸下身上的背包去接。但由于小径两侧都不能站人,所以他只能在小径上接。由于gameboy平时老呆在房间里玩游戏,虽然在游戏中是个身手敏捷的高手,但在现实中运动神经特别迟钝,每秒种只有在移动不超过一米的范围内接住坠落的馅饼。现在给这条小径如图标上坐标: 为了使问题简化,假设在接下来的一段时间里,馅饼都掉落在0-10这11个位置。开始时gameboy站在5这个位置,因此在第一秒,他只能接到4,5,6这三个位置中其中一个位置上的馅饼。问gameboy最多可能接到多少个馅饼?(假设他的背包可以容纳无穷多个馅饼) Input 输入数据有多组。每组数据的第一行为以正整数n表示有n个馅饼掉在这条小径上。在结下来的n行中,每行有两个整数x,T,表示在第T秒有一个馅饼掉在x点上。同一秒钟在同一点上可能掉下多个馅饼。n=0时输入结束。 Ou 继续阅读 >>

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Before ACM can do anything, a budget must be prepared and the necessary financial support obtained. The main income for this action comes from Irreversibly Bound Money (IBM). The idea behind is simple. Whenever some ACM member has any small money, he takes all the coins and throws them into a piggy-bank. You know that this process is irreversible, the coins cannot be removed without breaking the pig. After a sufficiently long time, there should be enough cash in the piggy-bank to pa 继续阅读 >>

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Nowadays, a kind of chess game called “Super Jumping! Jumping! Jumping!” is very popular in HDU. Maybe you are a good boy, and know little about this game, so I introduce it to you now. The game can be played by two or more than two players. It consists of a chessboard(棋盘)and some chessmen(棋子), and all chessmen are marked by a positive integer or “start” or “end”. The player starts from start-point and must jumps into end-point finally. In the course of jumping, the player will vi 继续阅读 >>

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